Co-op Country Store

Our store is chock full of goods for commercial and hobby farms, gardeners, homeowners, forestry workers, bird lovers and pet owners.

We stock everyday supplies, hardware items, work clothing and much, much more.

At Bridgewater Farmers Co-op, we stock a wide variety of agricultural and lawn fertilizers. From your vegetable garden, Christmas trees and lawn to your hayfield, we have you covered. We even stock an assortment of organic fertilizers, composted manures, pelleted lime and other specialty soil amendments.

We stock a large assortment of flower and vegetable garden seeds from Ontario Seed Company and Halifax Seed. We also have a display of seeds from Aimers Organics. If you see something in the catalogue that we don’t have, we will be more than happy to order it for you. We also carry a fair selection of popular seed potatoes. These varieties include Kennebec, Chieftan, Superior, Russet, Burbank and Yukon Gold. We also have an assortment of onions: Red, White, Spanish and Yellow while supplies last.

We also carry a line of forage seed from General Seed Company. We stock pasture mixes for cattle, sheep, goats and horses along with hayseed mixtures, including Timothy and clovers.

Our lawn seed mixtures include Premium Lawn seed, Shady Lawn seed and the ever-popular Highway Seed mix—all at competitive prices.

We have a large assortment of seed starting trays, Plant starters, potting soils and grower mixes. Sizes range from 20 Litre to the big 3.8 cu ft bales. The brands include ASB Greenworlds, VPW30 and VPW 420, Sunshine Mix #4 and Promix w/ Myke.

Following are a few sample photos from our store. We’ll add more in the future but why not stop in and see for yourself? 🙂